The connection between web design and content writing

Photo credit: Annie Spratt

My love of design and an economical decision based on transferable skills led me to write web content alongside web designers, information architects, other digital gurus and great cake bakers.

I work in an environment where opinions are valued and knowledge is shared; where a collaborative spirit across competing divisions benefits all to achieve the same end result.

Designers are natural observers and that same trait makes one a natural author.

Whilst all roles in our web team connect to each other my role has deliberate synergies with the web designer because we basically do the same thing; we are both fundamentally about communication. We both make use of language but the web designer communicates through visual elements and I with the written word.

Content writing and web design go together.

Content needs to support the design and the design needs to compliment the content. Writers know that to make their writing visual we must use literary elements such as:

  • Pace
  • Tone
  • Perspective
  • Narrative

Writers control pace through rhythm and word structures, tone through choice of words or viewpoint. We use the written word to communicate directly with the audience to relay information or tell a story.

Designers do this too using the language of design:

  • Space
  • Colour
  • Lines
  • Shapes

Using these elements designers create a balanced design with focal points such as headings, logos, and images. Designers give priority to elements such as the placement of subheadings to lead the audience to important content further into the page. Or the placement of sharing buttons such as at the bottom of the post after the reader has finished reading.

Same, same but different

Designers and writers learn to see patterns and understand how things are connected. We use different tools but we are basically the same.

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