2015-09-20 14.34.03
Your seat

Outside my French doors I hear Adele loud, clear, strong taking her band and her techies through a hot Sunday afternoon dress rehearsal. Sensational. I’m so lucky,  I have the best piece of real estate in town right now. Ring side seat to an incredible singer. No ticket needed. If I had a ticket I may think, momentarily, that I had wasted my money. But I don’t have tickets anyway so feeling balanced.

I think she saw me; she just said “Hello.”

In two nights time I will just sit on my terrace sipping Italian bubbly. Or something. And listen. It will be wonderful. I am so grateful that my experiences are bigger than my pay packet affords me.

Long black2


I drink delicious coffee every day. It is finely espressed by two tattooed lesbians making it happen among the hi-viz workers of the resource industry in downtown Perth, Australia. It costs $3.50 for a long black in a small cup. $3.50 would be a reasonable donation and it would keep me supporting diversity and enjoying a delicious long black!

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