Rolling in the deep: conversations with the right people and the role of synchronicity for the social introvert. Jack Daniels and Pearls in a sea devoid of treasure!

I am going into 2016 with a laptop, a phone, a Tablet, and a champagne flute of Ciroc on ice. In short, I too am flying solo. And it feels grand! Which is a good thing because the thing with us social introverts is that we don’t like it small. Not at all; we like depth. The deeper the better. We don’t do slam bam well at all. Have you noticed this?

In particular I refer to the conversations in our every day interactions. Do you pay attention to conversation? Do you listen to the speaker or to the voice? How about the topic? Is it easy to resonate? Is it deep? For a lot of people conversational  depth is frightening. For those people talk is small.

As a social introvert I love building upon the synchronicity in my life. Synchronicity ranges from the easily explained to the sublimely spiritual! For example; I love pearls. In particular I love pearl necklaces. (Yeah, yeah eyes up – it’s all about the conversation. Right?)

Today I was online looking at pearl necklaces (yeah, I see that smirk around the Jack), and I rather like South Sea pearls. Some of the pearls are luminescent steel-grey orbs with heavenly curves. Seductively luxurious. So there I sat with the laptop, phone and Tablet (Ciroc et al) checking out the South Sea pearls on offer and lo my phone bling-ed a Twitter follower… @ThePearlOutlet.

Pearl necklace
Image: The Pearl Outlet

Oh, the synchronicity. Gold!

Of course this is not ground breaking news, nor is it a life revelation (except for me for whom synchronicity is so important). It is one of those delicious moments which happen when one is flying solo.

Love life as a social introvert. We, like a South Sea oyster, like it deep.

Originally published on 1 January 2016 in response to The GeoGee Experience

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